4 Signs It’s Time to Move

signs it's time to move
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Your home is where you spend most of your time, so you deserve to enjoy every minute of it. If home isn’t where the heart is anymore, and you’re finding yourself daydreaming about moving into a new home, it may be time to get packing. Here are 4 common signs it’s time to move.

4 Signs It’s Time to Move

Your house is too small

Let’s face it, we all collect random things as time goes on, so running out of storage in a home is a common place people find themselves in. After deep cleaning your home, organizing your closets, and having massive garage sales, you may find that your home is still too small. If you are having this issue, it’s a good sign it’s time to move into a home with more space. Additionally, if your family keeps growing and you simply need more bedrooms, that’s another sign your home is too small and its time to search for a larger home.

Your house is too big

On the flip side, when your kids move out of the house, you may find yourself really only needing 2 bedrooms, not 5. The more bedrooms, the more space to collect dust and clutter, and the higher the energy bills to keep those rooms warm/cool. Additionally, with more space, you may be tempted to keep buying items to fill all the space, when really you aren’t using the extra rooms. If you feel like your home is simply too large, it’s a good sign it’s time to move.

Too much maintenance

The level of maintenance for a home is one of the most common signs it’s time to move. The size of the house may be fine, but the maintenance it requires may just be too much for this stage of your life. You may love the size of the backyard and having a swimming pool, but the cost and effort it takes to maintain the luxurious backyard, may not be worth it. This could be a good sign it’s time to move to a location with a community pool, with multiple parks that you don’t have to maintain, but still get to enjoy.

You want to upgrade but don’t want to remodel

You want another bedroom and bathroom, but your house is already at the top value in the area, so you likely wouldn’t be able to recoup the cost when you plan to sell. Or, you just don’t want to deal with the stress or cost of renovating. In these cases, it makes more sense just to move.

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