6 Ways to Create a Home Office Space

home office space
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So your home doesn’t have a designated office space… that’s ok! Solve workspace challenges with these 6 ideas in just about any area of the house. You’ll have a home office space in no time.

6 Ways to Create a Home Office Space

Entryway simplicity

A lot of homes have a large wall that’s usually filled with a long slender entry table, complete with a mirror and a couple plants. Use this space for sorting mail and paying bills before you head out the door! There’s likely nice light, open space, and a wall to hang décor just as you would in a traditional office.

Closet transformation

If your master bedroom closet is oversized and you don’t find yourself using all of the room, you can transform some of the closet into a home office space. Removing the closet door can add light into the closet and keep air flowing through your work space. Paint the inside of the closet a fun color that inspires creativity and add artwork to the wall.

Garage workspace

If your home is overflowing with kids toys and boxes of décor and the only space with some room is the garage, take advantage of it. Set up shop in the garage using a simple industrial desk and shelves. When the weather is nice, open the garage door for a great view and fresh air.

Spare corner

Look around your home to see if you have a spare corner anywhere. Believe it or not, you can actually build a whole office space using just one corner. A corner desk, wheeled storage unit, and a rolling chair, can create a compact home office space. Mix décor and organization hanging framed pictures on one wall and a white board on the other.

Floating desk

A floating desk can be used just about anywhere in the house. The nice thing about a floating desk is that it creates a space using very little room. While a full on monitor and CPU may not fit on the floating desk, it’s a nice work station for you and your mobile laptop.

Kitchen cubby

A kitchen cubby can multitask as a message center, charging station, homework area, and home office space. By placing a storage cube as seating under the cubby you’re adding more storage room to the area without adding more clutter. Add under cabinet lighting to ensure you have good light in your multipurpose area.

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