3 Ways to Protect Your Home From Invasion

Protect Your Home From Invasion
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Since your home is likely your largest asset, you want to do all you can to protect it. According to the Department of Justice, there are almost 4 million household burglaries that occur each year. While these are frightening statistics, there are things you can do to protect your home from invasion.

3 Ways to Protect Your Home From Invasion

Lock It Up

While this is a seemingly obvious tip, you’d be surprised that 1 out of 25 burglars will simply want into an unlocked door. Make sure to do a double check of all the doors on the main level every time you leave the house or go to bed. Additionally, while hide a keys are a great safety net for you, if hidden in an obvious location, they can be found by burglars who are looking for hidden keys. Consider giving a key to a neighbor before stashing it under your welcome mat.

Wait to Post on Social Media

Yes your trip to Mexico is totally Instagram worthy, but be sure you are taking safety precautions before you tell the world that you’re out of your house for a week. Before going on a long trip, tell your neighbors how long you’ll be gone and if you have a house sitter coming while you are gone. This will keep an extra pair of eyes on your home to watch for any suspicious activity. And when you do post on social media, consider waiting until the trip is over so you aren’t alerting people that you have left a vacant home. As sad as it is, even those you consider “friends” on social media could be the ones looking to break into your home.

Home Security System

Home security is one of the best ways to protect your home from invasion. Adding a camera to the front porch can help give you peace of mind when you aren’t home. It can also record any motion on the front porch so in the event of a burglary, you have a recording to file with the police. If you do have a security system, be strategic where you place your stickers. If you place right on your front window, burglars can see what type of system you have and can search ways to disarm the system. Additionally, home automation systems can alert you if you left your garage door open when you left the house and can allow you to close the door from a remote location before a burglary happens.

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