4 Common Issues a Home Inspection Can Reveal

Common Issues a Home Inspection Can Reveal
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With all of the expenses that come with buying a home, you may be on the fence about completing a home inspection. While they are not necessarily mandatory, a home inspection is an extremely useful tool when buying a home. Home inspectors can pickup any defects in your new home and give you recommendations for further action. Here are 4 common issues a home inspection can reveal.

4 Common Issues a Home Inspection Can Reveal


There are a lot of potential water woes when it comes to buying a new home, but the most common is poor drainage. This can result in water pooling around the house which eventually causes problems with the foundation. Foundation repairs can cost anywhere between $5,000 to over $10,000. If your home inspector finds a drainage issue, it gives you the chance to walk away from the house, or add repair costs to the sale of the home. A $500 home inspection can save you tens of thousands of dollars down the road.


Electrical issues are one of the most common issues a home inspection can reveal. Outdated wiring is a common find in old homes that can’t handle the load our modern lifestyle demands. Worst case scenario is that electrical issues can cause sparks which could turn to house fires. Upgrading electrical in a home can get very expensive so you’ll want to know upfront if your new home is coming with electrical repairs.


Replacing the roof is something that pops up when it becomes absolutely necessary and water is leaking through the ceiling. Many homeowners tend to ignore the roof and hope for the best, neglecting even simple repairs such as broken shingles. Home inspectors will check the roof of your new home and checks for missing sections, flashing, or current leaks. If the home inspection report comes back with leaks and patches of shingles missing, you’ll want to ensure the seller will take on the responsibility before you agree to buy the property.

HVAC Hazards

HVAC issues in your home is one of the most common issues a home inspection can reveal. Blocked chimneys, broken controls, and cracked heat exchangers are common HVAC hazards. These issues will not only cause the HVAC system to run inefficiently, your bills will be inaccurate and your health could be in danger. Knowing the HVAC system is in good condition will put your mind at ease when buying your new home.

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