5 Secrets to Sell Your Home Faster

Sell Your Home Faster
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Selling your home quickly not only allows you to wrap up that part of your life, it also means fewer days of keeping your home pristine and receiving the funds faster. Here are 5 secrets to sell your home faster, no matter when you list it.

5 Secrets to Sell Your Home Faster

Take Great Photos

Since almost 50% of buyers start their home search online, it’s important that you market your home with professional photos. This means investing in a professional photographer to photograph your home, or buying a DSLR so you can do them your self. If you choose to take your own photos, be sure to pay attention to cleanliness of the home, lighting, angles, and staging. All of the play a factor is producing photos that help sell your home faster.

Depersonalize Your Home

It may be difficult, but remove all of your family photos and memorabilia. You want furniture in the home to help potential buyers envision their life in your home, but with their family, not yours. Additionally it’s also a good idea to remove anything political or religious as you don’t want to unintentionally offend potential buyers. And if you do take photos off of the walls, be sure to also remove nails and repair nail holes to ensure a clean wall.

Make Your Home Available

Buyers like to see homes on their schedule, which may not necessarily be yours. Be open on evenings and weekends.If you home can be shows with little or no notice, more prospective buyers will see it. If you are slow to get back to them and you aren’t able to show your home for at least a week, they may choose to skip your home altogether. When you’re ready to sell be sure to live in a clean manner so packing up quickly isn’t an issue.

Set the Right Price From the Beginning

The strategy of setting an unrealistically high price with the idea that you can come down later doesn’t work. A home that’s overpriced tends to stay on the market longer, even after the price is cut because buyers think there is something wrong with the house. Conduct market research with your agent, and set an accurate price from the beginning to attract the most buyers.

Repaint in Neutral Colors

A new coat of paint gives a house a fresh and clean look. This is the time to paint over your daughter’s pink room, remove the floral wallpaper in the bathroom, and nix the green laundry room. Your goal should be to create a neutral palette so buyers can envision their own personal touches in the home.

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