Advantages of Living in an HOA Community

Advantages of Living in an HOA Community
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Homeowners associations (HOA) are becoming more prevalent throughout the United States. A well-run HOA can make for a highly enjoyable community, while a poorly run HOA can drive it’s residents away from the community. From the access to amenities, to social activities, to the overall sense of community, there are many advantages of living in an HOA community.

Advantages of Living in an HOA Community


The amenities are one of the main advantages of living in an HOA community. Many HOA communities have community pools, tennis courts, basketball courts, business centers, coffee shops and clubhouses. This can help homeowners save on expenses associated without having to pay to use similar utilities elsewhere. For example, if an HOA community offers a neighborhood gym, this eliminates the need for residents to buy an additional gym membership.

Increase in Home Value

The rules of an HOA are designed to protect the value of each property and to ensure that an individual home cannot negatively impact the market value of homes in the neighborhood. Therefore, the presence of a highly functional and well run HOA can dramatically increase the value of homes in the neighborhood. Additionally, a lot of changes that homeowners make to the outside appearance of their homes have to be approved by the HOA.

Planned Social Activities

Want to celebrate the 4th of July with your neighbors but don’t want to take on the burden of planning? Done! With an HOA, there is typically a social committee that is in charge of planning events for the neighborhood. This allows you to enjoy leisure activities with your neighbors without having to worry about the details. Additionally, attending social activities helps build relationships between neighbors.

Well Maintained

An HOA enforces a well maintained community. All public spaces within the community, including parks, trails, and sidewalks, are maintained by the HOA and are not the responsibility of individual residents. This helps the overall appearance of a community. This also helps keep these spaces healthy and inviting for families to visit. Additionally, because the rules are strict about the exterior appearances of homes, the result is a more upscale neighborhood. The eliminates any eyesores on the block.

Mediator for Neighbor Disputes

Any time you have an argument about a dog barking all night long, loud parties, or car alarms consistently going off, the HOA will address it. This helps mediate any issues between neighbors. Often times there are penalties for such violations, so you probably won’t have many issues anyway.

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