Benefits of Buying a Split-Level Home

split-level home
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Split-level (also called tri-level) homes call for two short sets of stairs, with one going up to the bedrooms and the other going down to the basement. Even though this floor plan was popular a few decades ago, split level homes are often found today in resale homes. While this plan tends to be overlooked, check out these 4 advantages of buying a split-level home.

Benefits of Buying a Split-Level Home

Plenty of Space, With Limited Land

Total space in a home is one of the top things buyers look for when browsing homes. Ideally, the home should be a place where the family can relax together and should have ample space for all members of the family. Even with limited land, split-levels tend to offer open space for the kitchen and living areas, bedrooms and even a basement. While in a traditional two-story single-family home, the bonus room is a separate room on the second floor, with a split-level home the basement can be dedicated to a play area, offering even more space than most bonus rooms.


The affordability is one of the biggest benefits of buying a split-level home. Because split-levels tend to be built on smaller lots, they are a lot more affordable than other designs in the same area. You will be able to save a lot of money and use that for other things that you may not have been able to afford if you opted for a larger design.

Separation of Space

With children, it’s nice to have separation of space in your home. This allows your teenage daughter to have her friends over in the upstairs area, while your middle school aged son can play video games down in the basement without disturbing one another. You get the best of both worlds, an open area where the whole family can spend time together for dinners and game nights, but different levels that can give everyone a sense of privacy. Additionally, with split-level homes, you have a compact space that won’t require so much walking since everything is a half flight of stairs away.

Not Much Upkeep

Yes you’ll want to vacuum and sweep regularly, but it’s truly not very expensive to maintain the beauty of a split-level home. It’s simple design can be well maintained with a fresh coat of paint which helps avoid some of the costly renovations that are often put into larger floor plans. Many times split-level homes have smaller yards as well, which require less upkeep than those plans with larger yards.

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