Reasons to Buy a Newly Built Home in Western Washington

buy a newly built home in Western Washington
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Buying a newly built home in Western Washington offers more benefits than ever before. From personalization, to community amenities, to overall safety, here are 6 reasons to buy a newly built home in Western Washington.

Reasons to Buy a Newly Built Home in Western Washington


One of the top reasons to buy a newly built home in Western Washington is the personalization aspect. Why settle for someone else’s design preferences when you can pick out your own countertops, cabinets, hardware, flooring and lighting fixtures? A lot of times you’re able to pick out your appliances and backsplash as well. Your new home will reflect your style, not the style of the person who lived there before you.

Choose your own floor plan

This is a huge perk of buying a newly built home. If you like to entertain, choosing a home with an open floor layout is likely your preference. If you don’t like climbing stairs, a one story home is probably the one you want. Perhaps you want to nix the formal dining area all together – choosing a plan with a flexible space on the main can accomplish this request.

All new, under warranty

When you move into a brand new home, you’re beginning all of your warranties when you move in. This means you truly have 10 years for the roof, not a remaining 2 years you might have on a resale home. This also means you can enjoy years and years of living in your home without having to replace the water heater, roof, AC unit, etc.

Community amenities

Many new homes are built inside of a master planned community. These communities often times have pools, schools, shopping centers, and community centers. Having access to these amenities means you can spend more time close to home and less time driving. Additionally, in Western Washington, a lot of master planned communities have built in hiking trails. This is a huge benefit for those who like to enjoy the beautiful PNW scenery.


New homes today are built with state of the art circuit breakers and energy efficient furnaces. Carpets, cabinets, and hardwoods use less volatile organic compounds so that your family can breathe easier. Additionally, a lot of newly built homes are built in communities that provide a patrol officer. By purchasing a newly built home in Western Washington, you are equipped with safety features inside your home and out.

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