5 DIY Backyard Projects to Get You Outside

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There’s nothing better than looking at a project and remembering all the memories associated with building it. Whether you want a quick morning project or are looking for a real statement piece in your backyard, check out these great DIY backyard projects and get building!

5 DIY Backyard Projects to Get You Outside

Build a patio

As much as you say you’re going to bring a chair from inside to your backyard and sit on the grass, the truth of the matter is that you’ll be more likely to do so with an actual patio or deck. With the convenience of pavers and stones, building a patio can be pretty simple. Once you lay down the landscape fabric to prevent weeds, you can simply place your stones where you’d like them. So sketch out your patio design, buy the landscape fabric and pavers that fit your design and get to building! For full instructions on how to build a patio, visit here.

Planter box

The great thing about planter boxes is that they can add so much color to your backyard without taking up room. This makes them one of the most common DIY backyard projects. With a 3 season planter box, you can use plastic containers or liners to keep moisture and dirt away from the wooden parts so it will survive the outdoors. You can line your yard with these boxes, or simply use them to brighten up a walkway. For full instructions on how to build this 3 season planter box, visit here.


Benches are a great way to incorporate seating while using minimal room. You can build a bench that’s attached to your deck, to add additional seating to your table, or you can build a bench attached to and arbor wall. The main function of these benches is to provide seating area using minimal room and resources. For full instructions on how to build a bench attached to your deck or arbor, visit here. 

Fire pit

Whether you’re hosting a cookout, campfire jam session or just taking in the stars, having a fire pit will be the highlight of your yard. Brick fire pits are the most common and require just a few materials: a garden rake, tape measure, wheelbarrow, sand, and wall stones. Fire pits are one of the most common DIY backyard projects. For full instructions on how to assemble a brick fire ring, visit here.

Grill gazebo

Summer barbecues are a popular thing, so if you want to impress your guests and provide additional seating, consider building a grill gazebo. This gazebo will cover your grill, provide shelves for grilling accessories, and act as a bar for your guests to grab a beverage. For full instructions, visit here.

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7 Updates to the Master Bedroom for a Better Night’s Sleep

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You spend 1/3 of your life in your bedroom recharging your battery so you’re able to effectively and healthily achieve your goals in life. Believe it or not, how you perceive your bedroom can indicate whether you get a good night’s rest. For example, if your bedroom is jam-packed with electronics and distractions, it’s hard to consider your room a peaceful and restful environment. Take a look at these 7 updates to the master bedroom that will prepare you for a better night’s sleep.

Keep It Dark

If you have windows in your master bedroom, it’s important that you have some sort of window covering. Blinds, curtains, or shades will help block rays of light from leaking into your room. Any exposure to light sends signals to your brain that it’s time to wake up. Some people even choose to install black out curtains to help them rest as long as they can. Additionally, painting your walls a dark color can add to the darkness of the master bedroom.

Keep Your Bedroom Cool

You’ve likely experienced that it’s easier to fall asleep in the cool winter than it is in the warm summer. If it’s too warm in the room, your body will start to overheat and you’ll likely wake up out of discomfort. If your room is on the top level of your home, consider using a fan at night to keep a breeze flowing through your room. The fan will keep it cool as well as act as a white noise machine.

Get the Mattress/Pillows You Like

Since you sleep on your mattress and with your pillows every single night, it’s important to get the kind that you like. Test out different firm levels as well as if you prefer a box spring or just slats. If you and your partner prefer different plush levels, consider investing in a mattress that has one side with your preference and one side with your partner’s. Overstock is a good place to look for a wide variety of split comfort mattresses. A nice mattress and pillow set is an investment – but worth it.

Ditch the Electronics

Keeping your bedroom an electronic free zone will help your body relax while you are falling asleep. If you have a TV, a radio, a game console, a computer, etc. in your master bedroom, you may be tempted to work on projects when you should really be trying to fall asleep. Every time you look at a screen, it takes your mind and body that much longer to wind down and fall asleep.

Be Aware of the Scents

The goal is to keep your bedroom smelling fresh and clean. This helps relax your body and designates a fresh smell to your brain and your body as you fall asleep. If you’re into essential oils or candles set up a station in your room so that you know you can keep your room smelling fresh and clean. The last thing you want when you’re trying to fall asleep is the scent of dirty laundry or leftovers sitting in the corner.

Have a Bedside Lamp

Lamps by your bed offer soft light that can help you relax as you read a book before bed. If you have to get up to walk to the other side of the room to turn off the light, your body is alert and woken up again. If the light bulb in your lamp is too bright, consider changing out for a softer white light to help add a soothing shade.

Make Your Bed Each Day

By taking the time to make your bed each day, you’re setting up a nice bed for yourself the next night. Crawling into a made bed feels so much better than crawling into a pile of sheets and blankets. Make it a habit to make your bed right when you get up so it’s done right away. You’ll be happy that you did later that night!

Real-world homes with Sci-Fi features – just in time for #ScienceFictionDay

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In the spirit of #ScienceFictionDay, we went to Pinterest to find some very real homes that look like they could be straight out of Sci Fi movies and comic books.

Location, location, location! 

Call it special or a special kind of crazy. If you can get there, the view is amazing! Our team might not be able to help you find extreme real estate in Western Washington, but we can help you find homes for sale with amazing mountain and ocean views.

Puget Sound area homes with amazing views

container homes

This container home offers great views too, and it’s a great example of sustainable, green home building. With sliding track doors, every room in the house can be opened up to the great outdoors.

Moving from the outside in, let’s start with #ScienceFictionDay style kitchens and kitchen features you might want for your own home. A giant fish tank might not be your style, but who wouldn’t want the function that this kitchen sink offers for food and meal preparation? (Why didn’t we think of this ourselves!?)

great kitchen ideas

extreme luxury family room ideas

This family room offers the perfect blend of luxury, relaxation, entertainment and mingling-potential. It’s minimal, neutral colors and lighting give it the futuristic flair that qualified it for our Science Fiction Day home features list. Make that fireplace a wood pizza oven and you’d never have to leave the room!

But if you do leave this room (below), you might have a hard time finding the second story with a door cleverly hidden in plain sight as a bookcase. Speaking of books, remember that it’s not just the floor and walls that lend to fantasy decor. This library’s ceiling is truly “out of this world.”

hidden doors with bookcase

fantasy bedroom ideas

Our Science Fiction Day home features tour wouldn’t be complete without fantasy bedrooms from luxe and minimal to a fairy tale resting place. While we’re almost ready to move on to outdoor spaces, we can’t forget the master bath. Having a spa-like bathroom is one of the must-haves for many home buyers, and this one below fits the bill perfectly.

We can imagine this great patio space just outside of any of our sci-fi ready homes’ rooms – from the master bedroom to the family room or kitchen.

science fiction day home features

home pool ideas

And from the back patio it would be just a quick few steps to an amazing pool in our sci-fi fantasy home. Whether you prefer absolutely private and lush or wide out in the open, we’ve got you covered.

Last, but certainly not least, we’ve found a hobbit-like veranda with dueling staircases leading out to the lawn. From there it’s a quick trip to the garden-shed-turned-home-office. The perfect home office for someone who wants to “work from home” but lacks the will power to stay focused with the distractions that inevitably arise.

home office ideas

We hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of science fiction style home features! Though some of these are extreme, you can take inspiration from them in creating one-of-a-kind features in your own home, or finding them in your next one!


Are you a home buyer with hard-to-find must-haves on your wish list? We can help! We have a long history of helping home buyers find a unique resale home in the Puget Sound region, or helping them to work with a new home builder to buy the home of their dreams. 

What’s the one home feature you wish your current home has, or want in a new home? Leave your answer in comments below.