5 DIY Backyard Projects to Get You Outside

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There’s nothing better than looking at a project and remembering all the memories associated with building it. Whether you want a quick morning project or are looking for a real statement piece in your backyard, check out these great DIY backyard projects and get building!

5 DIY Backyard Projects to Get You Outside

Build a patio

As much as you say you’re going to bring a chair from inside to your backyard and sit on the grass, the truth of the matter is that you’ll be more likely to do so with an actual patio or deck. With the convenience of pavers and stones, building a patio can be pretty simple. Once you lay down the landscape fabric to prevent weeds, you can simply place your stones where you’d like them. So sketch out your patio design, buy the landscape fabric and pavers that fit your design and get to building! For full instructions on how to build a patio, visit here.

Planter box

The great thing about planter boxes is that they can add so much color to your backyard without taking up room. This makes them one of the most common DIY backyard projects. With a 3 season planter box, you can use plastic containers or liners to keep moisture and dirt away from the wooden parts so it will survive the outdoors. You can line your yard with these boxes, or simply use them to brighten up a walkway. For full instructions on how to build this 3 season planter box, visit here.


Benches are a great way to incorporate seating while using minimal room. You can build a bench that’s attached to your deck, to add additional seating to your table, or you can build a bench attached to and arbor wall. The main function of these benches is to provide seating area using minimal room and resources. For full instructions on how to build a bench attached to your deck or arbor, visit here. 

Fire pit

Whether you’re hosting a cookout, campfire jam session or just taking in the stars, having a fire pit will be the highlight of your yard. Brick fire pits are the most common and require just a few materials: a garden rake, tape measure, wheelbarrow, sand, and wall stones. Fire pits are one of the most common DIY backyard projects. For full instructions on how to assemble a brick fire ring, visit here.

Grill gazebo

Summer barbecues are a popular thing, so if you want to impress your guests and provide additional seating, consider building a grill gazebo. This gazebo will cover your grill, provide shelves for grilling accessories, and act as a bar for your guests to grab a beverage. For full instructions, visit here.

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