Home Renovations: When to Hire a Pro and When to DIY

home renovations
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You are a creative person and consider yourself handy by nature. But even still, it can be difficult to decide whether to attempt a DIY home renovation project, or whether it’s best to consult a professional. Take a look at these common home renovations broken down by DIY projects and professional projects.

Home Renovations: When to Hire a Pro and When to DIY

Home Renovation Where You Should Consult a Pro

Major Electrical Work

Electrical work can be tricky, and if done incorrectly can be very dangerous and costly. If your electrical needs major work, consider hiring a professional electrician so you are confident that it’s done correctly.

Foundation Repairs

Say you want to extend your home own 10 feet and need to update the foundation. Since the foundation is a critical component of the structure of your home, it shouldn’t be DIYed because it could be very dangerous and costly if done incorrectly. Luckily pouring foundation isn’t necessarily a glamorous task, so you likely won’t regret hiring a professional for this type of project.


Adding a new bathroom? Consider hiring a professional to hook up your plumbing. There’s a large amount of room for error, which could result in dangerous and significant damage to your home. Not to mention a stinky situation…

Roof Repairs

While some opt to install roofing themselves, it’s extremely dangerous if you don’t have the right gear. Professional roofers have equipment needed to repair your roof and prevent future damage to your home.

DIY Home Renovations


Painting the interior of your home is fairly straightforward and can be done following a couple video tutorial found online. A new paint job can be a quick undertaking that can also allow you to paint exactly how you’d like, especially for walls with designs.


Building patio and decks can be done without a professional. Just do your research on the best materials for your vision and the proper steps of installation. If you have questions, consult the folks at your local hardware shop and garden center. They are typically experts that are more than willing to offer advice and recommendations.


If you are choosing to install new tiles in your home, there’s no need to hire a professional. Especially for smaller projects like bathroom or mudroom tiles, installing new tiles is a task that brings on little risk of doing major damage.

Minor electrical work

You likely don’t need an electrician if you’re just switching out a light fixture in your kitchen. Simply look up how to connect the wiring and you should be set!

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