What Millennial Home Buyers Want in a Home

Millennial Home Buyers Want in a Home
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Many millennials are entering or are already in the home buying market. They are a motivated generation that sees owning a home more affordable than renting. But they’ve also been known as the pickiest generation when it comes to real estate. Here are the top 4 things that millennial home buyers want in a home.

What Millennial Home Buyers Want in a Home

Green Features and Sustainable

The millennial generation is prioritizes giving back to their communities and choosing brand with green platforms. So therefore they want to choose a home that includes green features and is built with a sustainable design. Use of green building materials and energy efficient appliances they will see as requirements instead of merely value adds. While millennials are looking for green homes, they don’t want to necessarily pay extra for it. High student debt and a competitive housing market makes millennials budget conscious. To meet this demand, builders need to choose the right materials to make sure the house if sustainable but keeping costs down.

Low Maintenance

Millennials tend to have very busy schedules and don’t have time to fix up their home. Because of this, millennials lean toward buying homes that are newly renovated or newly built. If they are moving to areas prone to natural disaster and extreme weather, they expect new home to be built with these conditions in mind. Millennials will also look for many remaining warranties on the house or features, so that should something happen, they are covered and will not have to front a ton of extra funds.

Quiet Sanctuary + Good Neighborhoods

60% of millennials are buying homes in the suburbs, with another 16% choosing to live in small towns. Homes with back yards and community parks play a key role in buying decisions for millennials. Good schools is also one of the top things millennial home buyers want in a home.

Generally speaking, millennial shave at least one child, so have a quiet sanctuary where the family can relax and recharge is a must for millennial home buyers.

Specialty Rooms & Features

Millennial home buyers are very focused on the vale for their money. They want less cookie cutter homes, and more open floor plans. The formal dining room is less important to millennial home buyers and they would like to see that space turned into a den or flex room. They are also looking for specialty rooms such as bonus rooms, media rooms, work out rooms, and wine cellars to be included in their home.

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