6 Ways to Take Advantage of Selling a Home in the Fall

selling your home in the fall
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Different seasons provide different advantages to home sellers. Here are ways to take advantage of selling a home in the fall.

6 Ways to Take Advantage of Selling a Home in the Fall

Pros and Cons of Selling a Home in the Fall

The Autumn months bring both pros and cons to home sellers. Generally, sales of U.S. homes overall peak during May, June, July and August, accounting for 40 percent of volume, per data from the National Association of Realtors. Furthermore, the average seller premium also peaks during these months. In regions where the weather changes dramatically from summer to winter, fall months may also mean some buyers stay home.

selling a home in the fall

But the upside to those numbers and trends are that when a home buyer does brave the colder weather, they are likely to be serious and not just testing the waters. Inventory may also be smaller, meaning there is less competition for home sellers. And you may be able to increase your seller’s premium by making sure your home is putting its best foot forward, to appeal to the most buyers.

Selling a home in the fall? Here are Six tips for taking advantage of the season:

When you think of Autumn months, what comes to mind? Changing leaves, cooling temps, college football and spiced drinks? Us too! Selling a home in the fall offers some advantages when it comes to staging your home and yard to appeal to home buyers, here are just a few.

  1. Think WARM!

Replicate the look of Autumn vibrantly colorful foliage in your home’s staging with yellow, orange and red throw blankets and pillows. Leave the fireplace to create an extra-warm glow and recreate that same type of glow with flameless candles on your mantel, kitchen and bathroom counters, tabletop centerpiece, nightstands, and so on.

  1. Evoke reactions.

Pumpkin spice. Vanilla bean. Cloves. Cinnamon – these are some of the tastes and scents that permeate the food and beverage landscape during the fall. You can bring these scents out subtly with candles and soaps or go all in and leave pumpkin spice muffins and warm snickerdoodles out for home buyers to enjoy.

  1. Set the stage.

When you’re selling a home, think about all the ways buyers can use your spaces to enjoy time with friends and loved ones, entertain, throw parties – and stage accordingly. Do you have a great game-day TV wall? Stage the space as though you are hosting a watch party. Is your backyard a great place to scrimmage? Show off your home by setting the stage for different types of events, holidays and activities.

  1. Take advantage of the holidays.

Of the $9B Americans who celebrate Halloween spent on the holiday in 2018, $2.7B was on Halloween decorations. And right after Halloween? Why it’s Thanksgiving! Then December holidays! With a non-stop holiday décor rotation, you can ensure that your home is welcoming and inspirational, showing potential buyers what a great home this is for any holiday. Start from the outside in, decorating the front porch and walkway, and continuing in to the foyer. You can keep moving buyers eyes along with decoration vignettes placed in each room or go for a big bang in one spot.

  1. Music for their ears.

If you have decorated for a seasonal holiday you can keep that impression going with music playing softly in the background throughout the rooms of your home. But you don’t have to play seasonal music, you can also elect to employ a little psychology in music choices. Do you want buyers to feel relaxed and calm? Music can help! Do you want them to see the back deck as a party spot? Music can do that too!

  1. A gourd by any other name…

Fall décor often revolves around the idea of bounty, harvest and plenty. This is expressed visually with pumpkins, Indian corn, colorful squashes and other gourds. The great thing about these items is they offer a pop of warm color, are generally inexpensive, and can be used in or out of doors, making them very versatile as a type of decoration. In addition, they are used just as often in Halloween décor as they are Thanksgiving decorating, so they have a long shelf life in terms of being useful to your staging.

Feeling inspired? Us too! Whether you’re selling a home in the Fall or not, these ideas can help your home look awesome during the Autumn months.

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