6 Things to do Before Downsizing

things to do before downsizing
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Downsizing certainly comes with its fair share of challenges, but the payoff can be very rewarding. And there are plenty of reasons to downsize – becoming empty nesters, saving money on monthly payments, or change in family dynamic are just a few. Here are 6 things to do before downsizing.

6 Things to do Before Downsizing

Set Goals with Your Family

One of the top things to do before downsizing is to set goals with your family. Before you begin looking for smaller homes, it’s best to sit down with your family and think about everyone’s wants and needs. Is your move about bringing your family closer? What are some things you can’t or don’t want to sacrifice in a smaller space? Setting goals with your family to get on the same page and make the process of downsizing go as smoothly as possible.


Spend some time de-cluttering before you begin packing up your home. Go room by room organizing your things into keep, throw, donate, and sell piles. Organizing before you move will prevent you from having to move all the items you don’t want, saving time and energy for you on moving day. If you’re downsizing significantly, de-cluttering should leave your current closets feeling a bit bare.

Sell Items

If you have a lot of items to sell, consider holding a garage or yard sale or finding neighborhood resale groups on social media. Since there’s a chance some of your current furniture won’t fit in a smaller space, you might decide to put the money you make from selling items towards new more function items. The items left over after the garage sale can be donated.

Plan Ahead

It’s good to start planning out the space once you decide you’re moving. Map out which kids are sharing what room, who gets which closet, and sketch furniture arrangements so you have a plan before moving day. Planning ahead can help prevent moving items twice and taking up valuable energy on moving day.


As part of the moving process, get rid of anything you have multiples of. For example, no one needs two can openers, four cutting board, or two blocks of knives. Getting rid of these things as you pack will help eliminate the boxes you need to move.


Clearly communicating with your extended family will help them respect and understand your new lifestyle. If you usually host the large family thanksgiving, communicate that that tradition may need to shift. If you’re short on space, suggest to family members that they skip the toys for presents and instead buy them an experience.

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