What is a Master On The Main?

master on the main
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Floor plans that offer a main level master bedroom, also known as a master on the main, are becoming increasingly desirable. These homes feature the master suite on the main floor, with more convenient access to the great room and kitchen, and the perk of avoiding stairs. Here are three benefits to the master on the main plans.

What is a Master On The Main?


Main level master suites are a convenient and smart solution for aging in the home. As older buyers decide on a home for their retirement years, they may prefer a floor plan that will grow with them, and not require them to negotiate stairs should the time come when they are unable to handle them. Also, who wouldn’t want to be right next to the kitchen? This makes midnight snacking more enjoyable than tumbling downstairs in the middle of the night. The wonderful thing about the master on the main floor plan is that it can serve homebuyers in all stages of life. Some even have kitchenettes attached to the master suites to give the suite a sense of independence. Additionally, some main level master suites have their own private entrance which serves as a large benefit for the home owner.


When you have a house full of guests over the holidays, you still get your privacy as your guests occupy the upstairs. First floor master bedrooms allow the masters of the house to be separated from all other rooms. Perhaps your child has just started to play the drums and needs to practice in their room. Instead of sharing a wall with the loud drummer, you’re on a whole separate floor, and perhaps a whole separate wing of the home. This allows you to have your kids explore their talents without having to sacrifice your eardrums. Additionally, having this privacy allows you to remains fast asleep when your kids or guests come home from a late night shindig.

Multi-generational living

Having a downstairs master allows grandparents to move in when the time comes. This allows home buyers a sense of preparedness should the time comes to move their parents into their home. Knowing there is a separate space so everyone remains comfortable is key. The longevity of the master on main plan is the biggest selling point for home buyers of all ages.

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